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'Search the Bible' Tips and Notes

  • Under 'Search the Bible' at the very top-left (not the Google search), you can type in abbreviations for books, chapter, verses, and ranges, and it will go direct to your reading. Example searches:
    • Abbreviated book names: '1 Cor 5' or 'Ps 23'
    • Search for a verse range: 'John 3:16-17'
    • Search for a chapter range: 'Gen 1 - 2'
    • The range search only works within a book, and won't extend beyond to other books
  • Use quotes to search a phrase in that exact order, for example: a search for "Christ Jesus" in quotes will only show occurrences of Christ Jesus in the scripture instead of Jesus Christ. No words may occur outside of the quotes for the exact match search to function.
  • Searches like Mark, Luke, John or other book names will automatically go to that book's page instead of seeing search results. To see the search results for those names you may type the name within "quotes", like "John"
  • To search only the original 1611 King James Bible text, use the search within the 1611 KJV Bible section
  • To search the apocrypha, you may use the regular search engine, but then click 'Limit to Apocrypha' at the top
  • Learn more Bible search tips...