Encouraging Words

Positive feedback from King James Bible readers. Each paragraph is from a different person. Those with names shown have given permission to appear on this website and in news media.

Reading the Bible is a fundamental requirement for all Christians new or old. What a wonderful opportunity we have to utilize our computers to help us achieve that each and every day. I start my day and my usage of the computer by reading the Bible in the King James Version. Your website is quick and easy to use and has many aids and helps that can be utilized. For example I take the trivia quizzes to help me better understand what I am reading and to increase my knowledge and understanding of the Bible. I know it is the 400 year anniversary of the King James Version Bible but I like to think it is closer to 2000 years because I truly believe the King James Version is the authentic Word of God, given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, I throughly furnished unto all good works. In short this website has been a blessing to me and my family because it helps me to stay focused on the things of God and guides me in my daily endeavors which benefits my family. I thank you for having the presence of mind to bring this website to those of us who truly appreciate the study and application of God's Word.
- Richard Harris, retired website user from Katy, Texas, USA.

The King James Bible both hard copy and the online version has been a great help to me. Prior to my discovering the online version I used to carry the Hard Copy around in my bag. The online version is constantly open on my laptop and itís easy to access the Word for any situation in my life or lives of friends or colleagues. I pray the Good LORD keep blessing you guys and empower you more and more. I must confess I love the King James Bible with a fierce passion. It is my only authentic version of the Bible. more grease to your elbows.
- Ms. Ufon Udofia, Social Development Worker/Senior Program Officer, Festac Town, Lagos State, Nigeria

...thanks again for keeping my spiritual live fed every day. I read this verses you are sending me and they are really blessing me tremendously. I really appreciate it and may God richly bless and increase you.
- Thabo Jones Moloya, Freelance Camera Operator, Johannesburg, South Africa

I just want to say how much I enjoy this web site. It has been very helpful in my studies many times. Thanks be to GOD! I am very thankful that our Heavenly Father has given us truth, hope, wisdom and especially salvation through His SON JESUS. I find all of this through His preserved WORD, the King James English Bible. GOD still speaks to any who would seek His wisdom through the Bible. It doesn't need to be debated or rewritten, it needs only to be read & received.
- Phillip Pringle, Gospel Preacher, Newton, North Carolina, USA

I love the bible quizes. Even though u select an incorrect answer the grading system shows the correct answer & gives the bible verse. COOL! PRAISE JESUS! It's been a benefit to me, because of the simple fact that this is God's word and this is pure, raw, unadulterated, white lightning truth.
- Timothy S. Voigt, Amsterdam, New York, USA


Atheists just can't get over why the Bible does not go away or diminish in popularity. DUH! its God's living Word that as it says everything else will pass but...my WORD will never pass away.
- Joe H. Sanders, Pastor, Rupert, Idaho USA

I love the word of God and find this venue very favorable to people who never knew or had a God.
- Claudia Ann Goodwin-Humphrey, Missionary Minister, Glendale, California, USA

This website has helped me in many ways. It helped me get closer to the Lord and at the same time learn more about him through his Word.
- Darlene Burrow, website user, West Bend, WI, USA.

Suomi wrote: ""What a 'Wonderful' website, some of us don't have a whole lot of time or sometimes it is just too confusing to look scripture up in our Bibles!" Thank U...I love this website!!! :))"

Taking quizzes like these help me to understand the Bible better. It alsohelps me to focus on what God is tell-ing us and why He tells us the thingsHe does. Reading, Understanding and Applying God's Word daily helps us tolive a victorious life.

I am writing to recommend the services of the King James Bible Online website. I have been using website to lean and filed my life with spiritual life of the word of God for the past years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job...

i love this site its fun and people learn more and more about jesus christ thank you for creating this blessed site for all who are interested thank you so much.

Mary wrote: "this Bible is good to read online when you are  there it help your spirit grow"

Loriel wrote: "Everyone should read this or the bible. Maybe the world would be just a little bit of a better place. Im not real religous and havent been to church in a while but there is something about any part or closness to god that makes all feel at peace and happy"

Leonard wrote: "we celebrate our lord and savior and give him the praise. we give thanks for the preserved writings of the king james bible. hallelujah!!!"

Dawn wrote: "i love reading the bible i always feel closer to God when i read"

Carolyn wrote: "Whats A  Might God We Serve.Amen! His Word (Bible) Is Very Powerful  Can't No Book In This World Take The Place Of It. WithOut  It Our World Won't Be Here Because He Is The Word."

Thanks again for keeping my spiritual live fed every day. I read this verses you are sending me and they are really blessing me tremendously. I really appreciate it and may God richly bless and increase you. Thanks again.

I just felt I should express my gratitude to you all for making the Bible available online. GOD ALMIGHTY will continue to bless you all and increase you in knowledge and understanding. My heart is filled with so much joy since i discovered this site. I bless the name of the LORD for granting you all the grace to undertake this project which by human wouldn't have been easy but He gave you all the strength and wisdom to do it. I pray loads of souls will be won into His Kingdom. Remain blessed

I love the site and am very thankful for it!!!

I love the bible quizes. Even though u select an incorrect answer the grading system shows the correct answer & gives the bible verse. COOL! PRAISE JESUS!

Just discovered web site,Love the wide range of quizes a great help in learning Gods word

I really enjoy the quiz they help me understand and learn more about the bible. thanks it's  truely has been a blessing to me and for my family.

I love this website it has been a blessing to me I have learn a lot just in this short time and it makes me to want to read the word more and more fill me lord.

Taking each quiz with the answers gives me so much important information that is helpful in ministry.

its my first time and i love it,its about time they have good clean games on the internet that christians could enjoy and learn from,hats of to the founder keep up the good work

i really enjoy this website because it is the true words of god and it helps me better to know the bible. i really enjoy it keep up with the good work, praise god

I love this website..i also wish there were more than five questions maybe 10 the most...i have made a comitment to read and study the whole entire bible for this year..this really help me..thanks for this keep it up and God Bless... 

It's so funny because today I had severe chest pain and I promised God that if he removes my pain, I will read his word, since I haven't read the bible in over a month. So I read the bible using this website and I just noticed that this website has a quiz section. Keep up the good work guys!!

AWESOME! Was @ work and wanted to read Gods word. Found it and the quiz!!! Will visit here more. Thanks !!

I just found this site today - it is awesome and such a blessing.  It helps me to see the knowledge I already have and helps me to learn more, giving me knowledge of God's word which in turn yields wisdom!

The quizzes are really helping me learn God's word more than just reading my bible.It is also helping me get closer to God. 

i love the quiz it helps me to learn the word of God. Please keep it going, i just found it about a week ago and it's truly being a blessing to me. THANKS SO MUCH

Thank you so much for this websight I has enlightened my reading of the word so much and to has strenthen my walk with God.

Thank you for this website.  I use it in my daily devotions as well as study for Sunday School and for a Bible study that I conduct at a local nursing home, or just to look up a scripture that I need!  May God bless this work.

I like this, it not only test what I do know, but also challenge me to find the answer if I don't know it already. I love this.

This is the best thing I have found on my computer since I've had it thank you Lord and thank God for you

yeehaaa!! i got it 100%... i love it!!

I love the quizes. This motivates me to study my bible more.

very nice i made a 100 at last it made me study the word more i love it

The quizzes i took made me realize i have a lot more to learn from the Bible! 

I thank God that i am able to check my bible skills on line because that lets me know where i need to study more in the word of God.

This is better than "GREAT". Thanks

Thank you one and all for your comments. I actually find this site thrilling.  I have a small wireless lap top that I put beside my bed stand so I might have something that motivates me to stay wake in the morning and develop some real quality time before I go to work. The web site is so through that it remind me of one of those game or kid networks that has so much to offer. And for a Christian what could be better than the scriptures of our Lord, the clarity of Mathew Henry's commentary that consistantly stays on track to illuminate Christ's love through his mission.  The opportunity for me to comment actully is an extended opportunity for me to feel special. and offers reinforcement while the teaching is fresh. Also the return comments makes me feel included in the Christain body of this site. I am so thankful to share with you, and that you would take up your time to devote to my welbeing, a stranger in a worldwide web site, staggers my immagination at being blessed, though I know that not all comments are persoanlly addressed to me. I don't know if this site was intended to be a study guide. I was just wanting to read the Bible  online, but found so much more. Thank you and God Bless. I appreciate your devotion to Christ in action through your prayers, personal support and insights.

This is an excellent way to learn how much we DON'T know; and a good way to learn.  I like it very much.

No I'm just thankful that your site has the truth. Someone at work was spreading papers of Jehova wittness garbage. I was comparing the two, of their stuff and the truth (King james bible).  I didn't realize this site was online. I'm glad this site is online!

I am so blessed that Jesus has led me to this site. I am preparing, being led by Mr. Matthew, the teacher of scripture. And of course, Scripture itself.
Preparing to better fight the wolves,and cleanse myself. To better lead and protect HIS sheep. GOD bless the keepers of this site.  Richard

It was a pleasure working on this project, and I pray many people are blessed by it. Thanks again!! Kelly

Your web site saves a lot of my time. I am glade that you have put your web site with almost everything you need for Bible study. all I have to do is just add my thoughts and people. Thank you. Paul

I love this, both my husband and I thank you.  We especially love the fact that you give the book, chapter and verse where you got the answer.  If I miss an answer, I know where to go to study it.

This was very edifying as well as enjoible remembering back to a childhood Sunday school study of my faith. thank you for the site and fun.

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