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Read the Bible in a Year
This free email-based Bible reading subscription allows you to read the entire Bible in one year (if done everyday), from Genesis to Revelation. You will gain life-long knowledge and wisdom from reading the Bible cover to cover, simply by reading your emails. It will take approximately 20 minutes per day to read. The emails come once per day, are ad-free, and contain the exact scripture you need to reach your goal. Unsubscribe anytime with one click. All subscribers are on the same track. Readers may start anytime and be complete in 1 year, but the readings won't start in Genesis 1 until January 1st. Readers can read the same scriptures on this page.

Verse of the Day
This free subscription emails you a daily encouraging Bible verse to help lift you up during your day. They are sent one verse at a time from 400+ most cited and commonly searched Bible verses (based on web statistics). The Verse of the Day also appears on the home page of this website.

Subscriptions: Read the Bible in a Year (approx. 3 chapters daily) Current reading:
Read the Bible in a Year NT first (approx. 3 chapters daily) Begins January 1
Read the Bible in 6 months (approx. 7 chapters daily) Current reading:
Read the Bible in 3 months (approx. 14 chapters daily) Paused
Read the Old Testament in a Year (approx. 2-3 chapters daily) Current reading:
Read the New Testament in 9 months (1 chapter daily) Current reading:

Verse of the Day
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